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Looking to Host A Panel with Us?

Please make sure to read our panel policies below before applying!


Panel Policies 

Panel lengths will be between 1 - 2 hours. If your panel requires a longer time frame please email us at for further details.

All panel rooms will be equipped with HDMI input and  microphones. If you need assistance setting up for your panel please reach out to staff before the start of your panel. You can find  staff at Con Ops to assist you. 


We ask that all panelists arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled time to ensure you are set up on time and ready to go.

We ask that all panels be wrapped up at least 10 minutes before their scheduled end time. This will also include attendees being cleared from the room. (We want to ensure the next panelist has time to set up for their panel!)

Gifts / Prizes may be given out during panels but panelists are not allowed to charge attendees for anything related to their panel. If your panel/ event requires guests to be charged to enter please email us at to discuss your panel with us. 

No panels may include hate speech or slurs. Any panelists found doing so will be removed from the convention.

18+ Panels

18+ Panels are panels that include materials that are only suitable for adults such as:
Sexual Imagery/ Language

If you are hosting an 18+ panel you must make sure to indicate it in your application. Staff will need to check IDs of attendees looking to attend such panels.

All ages panels are panels that everyone can attend that contain materials suitable for all audiences. This means if you mark your panel as all ages it must not contain:  
Slurs / Offensive Language


All Ages Panels

Hosting 4+ Hours of Panels?

If you host 4+ hours of panels for IsshoCon 2024 you will be offered a weekend badge in exchange.

Panelist will receive their badge either Thursday evening or Friday morning. Once we confirm all panelists who are hosting for 4+ hours, you will receive an email on when to pick up your badge. Panelists hosting 4+ hours will not be required to purchase a badge and be reimbursed at a later time. 

These panelists will be required to check in with staff twice daily to ensure their panels are running smoothly. Staff will make sure to give you further information once your panels are accepted.


It is the responsibility of the panelist to let staff know ASAP if you are no longer able to host your panel. (We understand that emergencies happen!)

If you happen to run late for your panel, you may continue to host it. Although, you must still complete your panel by the same time it would have ended originally. Panels that start 15+ minutes late will not count toward the hours needed to secure a weekend badge.

Any panelist who has received a weekend badge who is found not hosting their panels or communicating with staff will be banned from hosting panels in the future. The panelists badge will also be revoked for the weekend. 

Please communicate with staff as soon as you know you will no longer be able to host your panel. 

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