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IsshoCon Cosplay & Prop Guidelines

Please review all the policies listed below when determining which cosplay(s) you will wear to IsshoCon. We want everyone to express themselves but reamin respectful and safe at the same time!

Cosplay Guidelines:

  • All cosplays must cover all parts of the average swimsuit.

  • Undergarments are required especially if you are wearing something form fitting such as a bodysuit. (Please make sure contours of sensitive areas are covered.) This can include wearing a dance belt underneath form fitting costumes.

  • Nudity is forbidden and so are cosplays that try to replicate nudity. 

  • Please consider using some form of body tape to hold cosplays together/ cover sensitive areas.

  • Body Paint and other forms of makeup (including glitter, powder, fake blood etc.) must be dried and/ or sealed. We don't want others costumes getting ruined and want an easy clean up for staff.

  • Please avoid wearing costumes that contain elements that could harm others around you. This includes costumes with sharp edges or costumes that require too large/ heavy props.

  • Cosplayers must be wearing feet coverings at all times. We want to keep our attendees safe. Please make sure you are wearing shoes of some kind.

  • Cosplayers must not wear costumes that intertwine with other attendees. Costumes must remain separate for safety precautions. 

  • Harmful wording and imagery goes against IsshoCon policy. Those found wearing such imagery may be asked to leave the convention. 

  • The use of skateboards, skates, rollerblades etc. is not allowed inside the hotel. We want to keep you and other attendees safe.

  • Please make sure that if you are taking photos of other cosplayers you do so off to the side. We want to ensure flow of traffic stays open and don't want others to get hurt in the process. 

  • Remember that cosplay is not consent! Just because someone is cosplaying does not mean they are comfortable being photographed/ recorded.

  • Anyone found breaking these rules runs the risk of being removed from IsshoCon without a refund. 

  • IsshoCon reserves the right to refuse entry/ participation in IsshoCon at any time. These policies are also subject to change/ be updated at any time.

Prop Guidelines:

  • No live steel (especially those with sharp edges! Exceptions may be made for those participating in the Cosplay Masquerade.)

  • All realistic and plastic gun like weapons must have an orange tip.

  • All weapons/ props must be checked and approved with Con-Ops.

  • Some props may require an additional tag from the IsshoCon staff

  • No props may have sharp edges or anything that could harm other attendees. 

  • Please keep props under 6-8 feet in length

  • If you purchase a sword from the Dealers Hall, it is required you take it back to your hotel room/ car immediately. Do not open the sword in any con areas. Those caught doing so will be removed from the convention. (We may make exceptions for those in the Cosplay Masquerade.)

  • There are to be no explosives or projectiles of any kind. This is grounds for immediate removal from the con. 

  • Bows must be un-strung. This is to keep everyone around you safe.

  • Props that may cause injury are forbidden in the convention. This includes props that may cut, trip, or harm other attendees.

  • We expect all attendees to behave accordingly with these policies. Any misuse of props or behavior that could cause harm to yourself, other attendees, or staff will not be tolerated. IsshoCon staff reserves the right to revoke prop privileges at any time. 

  • These policies are subject to change/ be updated at anytime.

  • Attendees are expected to follow and abide by US Law. Any illegal activities will be be grounds for immediate removal from the con.

  • Any threats to other attendees or staff will be grounds for immediate removal.

  • Any questionable props will be left up to IsshoCon staff discretion. Staff may tell you to remove the prop from the con to either your hotel room or car, if it is deemed unsafe. 

  • Again, IsshoCon staff reserves the right to revoke prop privileges at any time!

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