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IsshoCon 2024 Cosplay Hall Exhibition

Looking to show off your costume but don't qualify or don't want to participate in the official Cosplay Masquerade?

The Hall Exhibition is just the place for you!

Cosplay Hall Exhibition Rules

  • There will be 2 exhibitions - One on Friday and the other on Saturday ​

  • You may enter the exhibition both days but the costume must be different. 

  • If you have won the exhibition for Friday, you will not be eligible to enter on Saturday.

  • Application Cut-offs will be at 6 PM for Friday and 3 PM on Saturday. (These times may change if applications close early depending on the number of applications we recieve.)

  • There will be limited spots each day for these categories so we suggest signing up ASAP. Our cosplay coordinators will announce where you can signup during the con. 

  • All contestants will need is their Name and the character they are cosplaying. There are no construction requirements for this category so everyone is eligible to enter. Again, there will be very limited spots so please sign up ASAP. 

  • If you participate in the official Cosplay Masquerade, you will not be eligible to enter the Hall Exhibition and vice versa.

  • Hall Exhibition entries are not eligible for cash prizes and other official Cosplay Masquerade awards. This is a separate contest.

  • All participants will have their picture taken along with their application. 

  • Awards and Prizes will be announced soon! 


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