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Single day badges are no longer available!
-Badges will not be sold at the door-

Registration Hours (Ballroom Assembly - Outside Dealer's Hall):


Friday & Saturday: 10 - 10:30 AM VIP & Accessible

10:30 - 7 PM General Attendees


Sunday: 10 - 10:30 AM VIP & Accessible

10:30 - 4 PM General Attendees

Please be sure to read all registration rules listed below!


Badge Pricing

Early Bird Specials:

Announcement Month Exclusive 3-Day Badge: $40

Announcement Month Exclusive VIP Badge : $110

-Announcement Month Sale Ends 1/31/2023-

Super Early Bird Special (2/1/23 - 11/30/23)

Super Early Bird Special 3-Day Badge: $50

Early Bird Special(12/1/23 - 01/16/24)

Early Bird Special 3-Day Badge $55

Single-day badges are no longer available! We will not be selling any badges at the door!

To pick up any badges (this includes pre-registration and at door badges) you must have a valid form of ID to pick up badges. This will include official State ID, Valid Drivers License, Passport, or School Issued ID. For minors you will be allowed to bring a school issued ID. These forms of ID must show the registered name that was used to purchase your badge. Please use your legal name listed on your ID when purchasing badges. (Don't worry, names will not be listed on badges, and it is for our official records only!)  

All attendees under the age of 12 must have a parent or guardian with them at all times. Attendees 13 and up must have a signed parental consent form to walk around alone. There will be no exceptions to this rule!

Please click here to be taken to the parental consent form:

There are no refunds for badges once purchased! 

If you happen to lose your badge please check in with Con Ops. We recommended putting some type of identifier on your badge to make finding your lost badge easier. Any lost badges will have to be purchased again.

We will allow badge transfers until January 24th, 2024       @ 11:59 PM. 

You must reach out to us @ in order 

for us to process a badge transfer.

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